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They asked for a pumping system

Our client asked for a pumping system, where they could harvest water from a stream during periods of high flow over the winter months, and pump the water to a storage dam. Design requirements were The system needs to be automatedHas to start/stop depending on water levels of the streamWater can only be harvested between fixed datesMaximum rate of take 100 litres/secondMaximum total volume of 610,000 cubic metres Limited power available at proposed site140m elevation change and 2km distance to s...

June 10, 2021

Lakeflats Farm

My instructions to Dave from Bay Irrigation was to “supply me with an irrigation system that increased my production”. We had irrigation already but felt we weren’t really getting the performance we should be.  Our area is particularly prone to strong wind so the other instruction I gave was I didn’t want a pivot that blew over.  The pivot and new pumping system was installed in December, and to the end of February, we are now 55% ahead on production and our pumping costs are l...

March 13, 2020

Dam fine irrigation

Father and Son, Andy and Rick Hunter farm out near the coast of Porangahau. Their requirements for the Irrigation project were "keep it simple and make it work." This is a language our team know well, and after  asite visit our expert design team came up with a Zimmatic full circle Centre Pivot being fed by an on-farm water storage dam. Getting power to the site was an issue due to the distance from the nearest reliable power source so Bay Irrigation called on its year's of experience and ...

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