Dam fine irrigation

Hunter 2019 Project

Father and Son, Andy and Rick Hunter farm out near the coast of Porangahau. Their requirements for the Irrigation project were "keep it simple and make it work."

This is a language our team know well, and after  asite visit our expert design team came up with a Zimmatic full circle Centre Pivot being fed by an on-farm water storage dam. Getting power to the site was an issue due to the distance from the nearest reliable power source so Bay Irrigation called on its year's of experience and imported an incorporated Motorpump/generator set to provide both water and electricity to operate the Pivot.

“Looks good and all in all, a job well done” says Rick.

Project Summary

  • Irrigate from existing on farm dam* to cover flat and rolling country for feed crops and cash cropping
  •  Zimmatic 7500 Series Pivot covering 22Ha with water and electricity supplied by Amazon motorpump/generator set
  • Bay Irrigation designed and installed a “Greenfield” Irrigation system to suit contour, limited water availability, ease of use with efficiency at the top of the list.


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