Lakeflats Farm

Grant & Julie Wrigley

My instructions to Dave from Bay Irrigation was to “supply me with an irrigation system that increased my production”. We had irrigation already but felt we weren’t really getting the performance we should be. 

Our area is particularly prone to strong wind so the other instruction I gave was I didn’t want a pivot that blew over. 

The pivot and new pumping system was installed in December, and to the end of February, we are now 55% ahead on production and our pumping costs are less than 20% of previous years. 

The modifications that Bay Irrigation made to the pivot have resulted in a super stable machine that hasn’t looked like budging in some pretty severe nor’ westers coming off the Rimutakas. So all in all, with the big increase in production, the big  decrease in pumping costs, and a stable machine, I’m very happy to recommend Bay Irrigation.

Project Summary

Bay Irrigation conducted a thorough onsite inspection to see if we could re-use any of the existing system to save our customer money and time. 

Our knowledgeable team could quickly see that we could not only save Grant and Julie money by installing a completely new irrigation system but also increase their production at the same time! 

Our design was to have an expertly selected pump to suit the duty and to save money, labour and time replace the existing Long lateral system with a mighty Zimmatic 9500 Series pivot covering 82 hectares. Our in-house install team took care of the rest.  

  • Overhaul and improve existing long lateral irrigation system
  • New efficient  55kW pump
  • 10 Span 9500 Series Zimmatic Centre Pivot
  • New mainline


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